Respectfully pinched for Noisey:

Sad news in as Terry Jones lost his battle with cancer. The news of his passing wasn't splashed across newspaper pages or eulogized by many major media outlets, but it did hit one particular community with brutal force. As the vocalist and lyricist for venerated British doom band Pagan Altar, Terry's musical footprint is incalcuable. Heartfelt (and heartbreaking) goodbyes from his bandmates adorn the Pagan Altar Facebook page, while fan tributes continue to surface on social media, and Terry's family—including his son, Alan, with whom he started the band—are left to process their grief. His legacy of doom—the genre he helped to create—will reverberate through countless amps for many years to come. 

In interviews, Terry came across as humble and kind; onstage, his flair for the dramatic and penchant for the occult made each performance shine. "I personally am extremely proud of everything we have ever done," Terry told the Metal Crypt zine in 2006. "There are very few songs written by Al and I that we haven't used in some way shape or form. I can still listen to early-recorded tracks and think "I really love that bit" or "That has come out exactly how I had envisaged it at the time and it still stands up"! It's usually a case that many artists in different fields secretly feel that their work is never quite finished and just needs a few more slight alterations. I have never felt that with ours, I wouldn't change anything so that has got to say something about how I feel about it."

We at the Black Heart we're huge fans of Terry and his band, he will be sorely missed.