This week's brews.

We’re back for our weekly update on what you can expect to see on draught in the coming week. We’ve got something for everyone with a couple of Oktoberfest beers as well as a Rogue pale, a Thornbridge stout and a To Ol Berliner Weisse.

Weihenstephaner Festbier

This marzen beer is brewed especially or the Festbier season and comes in at 5.8%. It pours a clear yellow with a small amount of white head. The aroma is light malt, a little banana and some grass. The flavour is more lager than marzen, light malt and a little sweet biscuit. Finishes crisp. All in all a really refreshing easy drinking beer from the world’s oldest brewery.

Sierra Nevada Festival Bier

The second installment of Sierra Nevada’s annual Oktoberfest series, this beer is brewed in collaboration with Germany’s Mahrs Brau. Brewed using the nearly lost Record hop variety, it’s a new take on the classic festival style. It pours a dark gold colour. The aroma is classic festival beer whilst the Record hops give it a spicy hop note. At 6% its one to savour.

To Ol LikeWeisse

We’re not going to lie, we’re a little obsessed with To Æl at the moment. We’re yet to taste something we haven’t liked, and more importantly, that you guys haven’t liked, and you know what they say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. If you feel LikeWeisse then you’ve gotta try this Berliner Weisse. At 3.8% it’s a great all day choice, something To Ol wanted to make sure of. The colour is a cloudy light yellow, with a small head. Aroma wise there is some citrus fruit and a fair amount of yeast. The flavour is mildy sour, with citrus fruit and some peach going on as well. The finish is quite mild and wheaty. Very easy to drink.

Rogue Juniper Pale

This week’s Rogue beer is the Juniper Pale Ale. Pouring a cloudy amber colour with a medium off white head, it has an aroma of fruity toffee, malt sweetness and pine. The flavour obviously has a prevalent amount of juniper to it, but is also quite floral. Finishes quite hoppy and dry. 5.2%

Thornbridge Baize

We finish with Baize from Thornbridge, a chocolate mint stout. It pours nearly black with a medium off white head. The aroma is, as you’d expect, dominated by chocolate and mint. The flavour follows with the bitterness of the chocolate balancing what would otherwise be a rather sweet beer. Imagine alcoholic ‘After Eight’ mints.  At 5.5% you might wake up with a hangover but your breath will be great!

Check back next week for another update on what to expect on draught. There will be some news about the Founders Halloween tap takeover coming your way soon too!

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