This week's brews!!



So here's your weekly update on what you can expect to see on draught throughout the coming week.

To begin we've got two beers from Gipsy Hill, the first of which is a collaboration with Three Boys, called Bogan. This New Zealand Pale Ale comes in at 5.5% and as you'd expect from a NZPA is super tropical with lots of mango and papaya going on. Crisp and hoppy with a nice dry finish. Definitely one for the bit of summer weather that's apparently on its way!

The next Gispy Hill brew is one of their core range, the Southpaw New World Amber Ale. A bittersweet beer where the sharp citrus of the hops fight against the notes of toffee and toasted malt sweetness. At 4.2% this is a great session choice.

A Rogue beer next and a classic at that. Dead Guy Ale has been a favourite of ours ever since we got our lips round its fruity body, earthy hops and toasted malt aromas. Sorry, think we got carried away there. Based on a German Maibock, its a deep honey colour and very well balanced. 6.5%

A new one for us next, Export Stout from Belfast brewery Boundary. Pours a very dark brown, almost black, with a tan head. The nose is liquorice while the taste is toffee, a little roasted malt, some hop bitterness and dried fruit. One we are very much looking forward to. 7%

We end on two ToØl beers. The first is a gin inspired (or 'ginspired' if you will) Gose brewed in collaboration with Pohjala. Named Ginie (In a Bottle) As you'd expect from a Gose its slightly tart, slightly salty. The nose has hints of juniper and coriander, hence the ginspiration, whilst the taste has some lemon, lime and ginger. Very refreshing and not overly sour so those who are yet to be converted, don't be scared! 4.2%

Lastly our second ToØl beer of the week, Tangerine Cream. Unsurprisingly this is a cream ale brewed with plenty of tangerines. Loads of Citra and Simcoe hops are balanced with the tangerines and then flaked wheats and outs are added for a smooth mouthfeel. 4.6%

Check back next week for more brews and remember you can always head over to our Instagram for the latest on brews, bottles and bands.