Signature Brewery Tap Takeover + The Pearl Harts

This Friday Leyton's Signature Brewery are taking over the whole pub!

Upstairs we've got The Pearl Harts tearing the place up.

"Tiny tiny girls that look like giants on stage…all you can think to do is ask them out for ice cream and all they want to do is wreck your house and firebomb your car…."

Downstairs we will have 4 of Signature brewery's best beers, Backstage IPA, Roadie, Anticipation and Black Vinyl, here's a quick run down of what we think of the beers, to decide for yourself you'll have to head down.

At 5.6% the Backstage IPA is the strongest of the beers on offer. Fruity malt and crisp hops on the nose, the taste is bitter with lots of hops and a little grapefruit.

Next up is the Roadie All Night IPA. This session pale has an aroma of sweet malts and a touch of peach whilst the taste is more bitter orange and mild hops. Its reasonably dry and is definitely the perfect session choice at 4.3%

Away from IPAs, we have a collaboration with New Zealand's Yeastie Boys, Anticipation. This Japanese Rice beer is the most subtle of the four beers on offer. The nose gives a hint of lemon and a little suggestion of yeast. The taste is slightly sweet, some cereals and a tad of orange. A really interesting beer which will have you going back for more. 5.4%

Finally we have a darker offering with Black Vinyl. This traditional dry stout has roasted malt and chocolate in both its aroma and flavour and is superbly balanced. Head Brewer Tom Bott says of it -  "Black Vinyl has a great chocolate and roasted flavour that develops and blossoms upon repeat visit... it is to beer what a record player is to the iPod.” 

Beer or bands, you will not be disappointed.