This week's brews

Its time for our weekly run down of what you can expect to see on draught this week. 

We loved, and I think you all did too, the bottles we got in from Scotland's very own Fierce Beer, so we've gone and got two of their beers in keg this time. First up we've got Peanut Riot. This porter pours almost black with a small tan head and has an aroma of dark chocolate and unsurprisingly a fairly big hit of peanut. The flavour follows, with more chocolate, peanut butter and a little salt. Finishes with the roasted malt coming forward a little more. 6.5%. 94 IBU. Vegan.

Next is Granadilla Guerilla, a west coast style IPA with big tropical flavours and plenty of passionfruit. Pours a hazy orange/gold colour with a nose that gives off passionfruit, a slight creaminess and some citrus zest. The flavour has more citrus hops than passionfruit going on, but its still well balanced, tangy would be the best word for it. Finishes bitter and dry. 5.5%. 45 IBU. Vegan

And now for something completely different, Orange Boom from Siren. This berliner weisse starts life broadly as Siren's very drinkable Calypso, they then add loads of fresh orange zest and juice. Its pours yellow with an off white head that holds quite well. The aroma is a little wheat, lots of orange and bitter fruit. Flavour is orange, both zest and juice, lots of fruit. Its reasonably sour and finishes dry. 2.7%. Vegan.

We finish with the strongest beer of the lot, Special Relationship from Magic Rock in collaboration with Oregon's Gigantic Brewery. They describe it as a 'reconstructed manhattan ale' and you can see what they're getting at. It pours hazy brown whilst the nose has lots of cherry, bourbon and red fruit going on. Flavour continues in that vein, with a little more spice, some coconut and plenty of deep malt. Finishes subtly with spice and a little bitterness. 8%. 15 IBU. Vegan.

Thats your lot for this week, check back next week for another update. As ever keep your eyes peeled for updates of beers and bands on our Instagram -