Here's your latest update on the beers we have on tap at the Black Heart this week. We’ve got a ridiculously diverse offering on, including a breakfast stout, a golden ale, a couple of IPAs, a scotch ale, and a sour. Get stuck in!

First up is Alphabet Brewing Co.’s Flat White, a white breakfast stout from the Manchester brewers. With aromas of coffee beans, black pepper and green leaves, and flavours of fresh coffee and chilli zest, the Flat White is dry, herbal and chocolatey. Its pepper, dark chocolate and milky coffee finish is one to stick around for. 7.8%.

Next we’ve got the first of two IPAs, the Deviant from Salisbury brewers Dark Revolution. This American-style pale ale has light, tropical fruit and citrus aromas with an enjoyably bitter taste. The finish is a malty sweetness with dry pineapple and coconut notes. 5.6%.

Then it’s onto a criminally delicious collaboration between Swedish/Norwegian brewers Beerbliotek and Cervisiam - Not Guilty! The OJ IPA. Unsurprisingly juicy tasting with a long bitter, and lightly sour, aftertaste, this full-bodied IPA is sweet, malty, and bursting with citrus, grapefruit and pineapple aromas. We can’t believe they’re getting away with it. 7.5%.

On to our golden/blond ale now, Beavertown Says Amateur Hour. Medium bodied, the Amateur Hour is soft, smooth, well-rounded and flavourful. Sweet aromas and tastes of peach, apricot, lemon and grapefruit mingle wonderfully before a bready finish. 4.6%.

Following up fiercely is a scotch ale that certainly isn’t for amateurs or “wee lads”, Founders’ Dirty Bastard. Brewed with ten varieties of imported malts, this bold and powerful ale is full-bodied, packing sweet, nutty aromas of fudge, caramel and dark toffee. Let the rich, complex finish - with hints of smoke, peat, malt and dark chocolate - put hairs on your chin. 8.5%.

Finally, we have Manchester brewers Chorlton and their Nugget Sour ale. Light, dry and with a fine crispness, the Nugget Sour has a sharp orange taste, a hoppy, tangy citrus aroma, and a medium body. Light hop notes and a sour lemon nip finish this well-balanced sour. 5.9%.

That’s it for this week’s beers, check back next week for another update. And as ever, keep your eyes peeled for other updates on our Instagram