Here's your latest update on the beers we have in at the Black Heart this week. We’ve got a selection of some of the Heart's favourites on draught, as well as a few newer brews to pique your curiosity. 

First it's the Sea Salted Caramel Brown ale from Maryland, USA gonzo brewers Flying Dog, and yes, that is salted caramel in a beer. Well balanced between the salty and sweet, while staying true to the beer itself, this one is mild but enticing, the caramel adding to the traditional brown ale taste. Full bodied, lightly carbonated. 7%.

Next we have Amundsen's Ink and Dagger. Slightly sweet and lightly bitter, this dry, medium-bodied American-style IPA isn’t too hoppy, but its aromas and flavours of citrus and toffee are delicious. Zesty, hazy golden/yellow in hue, the hoppy notes pair with tropical aromas for an IPA that is none too heavy nor overbearing. 6.5%.

Then it's Boulevard with their Single-Wide IPA, the Kansas City brewery's take on British IPAs. This American version - also inspired by Boulevard's Smokestack Series Double-Wide I.P.A. - boasts a heady combination of six varieties of hops. Its aroma consists of malt, fruit, hops, caramel and orange, and flavours have similar notes, as well as those of tropical fruit and bit of biscuit. With its fresh, fruity scents, a lovely balance, and slightly dry, bitter finish, the Single-Wide is terribly drinkable. 5.7%.

Finally, we have Peak District brewers Thornbridge and their Bakewell Sour Tart, a sour/wild ale. Refreshingly tart and dry, with a mix of citrus hops and flavours of grapefruit and bitter lemon, the Tart is appropriately named but never overbearing. It boasts earthy, woody notes as well as the sour, citrus taste and finish. 6%.

We also have in bottles and cans two scrumptious numbers from California's Wiens Brewing Company, the Deadpan Pilsner, 5.5%, and the Fortune Teller Session IPA, 5.3%, as well as The Cloud IPA, 7%, from Maryland's Stillwater brewers. 

That’s it for this week’s beers, check back next week for another update. And as ever, keep your eyes peeled for updates of beers and bands on our Instagram.