It’s that time of year again, winter is upon us scrapping it’s icy fingers deep across everyone’s miserable soul, but things are staying hot up in the Black Heart’s venue as we welcome the mighty BÖMBERS, Bergen’s premier Motorhead Tribute Band to raise hell in Camden!

Featuring none other than ABBATH ( ex-Immortal ) aka Killminister - bass / vocals, TORE ( ex-Old Funeral , Studfaust) aka Fast Tore - guitar, and PEZ (ex-Punishment Park) aka Party Animal Taylor - drums, the trio will be ripping their way furiously through a set of the ultimate Motörhead classics on Thursday December 20th. Plus, heave metal dj’s in the downstairs bar afters to keep the party flowing Fast And Loose! Tickets are on sale now and shifting fast so unless you were Born To Lose then get on there and bag yourself one asa-bloody-p!

blackheartxmas_bombers web.jpg