We caught up with long-time friend of the Heart and the fastest ripping drummer to walk this Earth, the righteous Dave Witte from Municipal Waste, Brain Tentacles and, like, a zillion other bands. 
A beer fan of the highest order and as someone who spends probably 3/4 of the year travelling, Dave is not only a tried and tested road dawg, he’s a tried and tested beer road dawg. Municipal Waste are no strangers to a good time - having collabed with a number of breweries over the years and throwing some of the most legendary parties in punk rock. Dave is a regular visitor of The Black Heart every time he’s in town, so we had a bit of a chat with the fella to find out what he's lovin' guzzlin' at the moment...


The best part about touring is trying all the new beer being made these days, I’ve been nuts about beer since that bottle of De Dolle Stille Nacht changed my life back in the day. I usually gravitate towards bigger beer, but there really is a style for all occasions and situations I believe. That being said, you could be adventurous and try something new or go with a classic ‘cause they never get old. In fact, I think Old is becoming the new New… with the resurgence of lagers and pilsners being so out there at the moment. Bring it on, I’m all about the old school.”

Dave is already pretty damn familiar with our offering, but has picked his Top 3 from our current selection to help you plan out a night of no sobriety...

"Go with anything Cloudwater! They are brewing up a storm of styles and have even collaborated with The Veil brewing company, who are from my home. Richmond, VA. 

Gigantic Brewing from Portland, OR are great brewers, very versatile and make top notch beer, try out the collab bottle with Magic Rock if you fancy something tart. 

Evil Twin Even More Jesus is a huge imperial stout that’s a perfect night cap or maybe more like a nail in the coffin."

Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 16.29.56.png

"What I’d like to try next time I’m in London town - the Amundsen: Run to the Pils because Iron Maiden are my favorite metal band ever! And the ABC Juice Springsteen since I’m originally from New Jersey! 
Overall, The Black Heart has a killer beer list that’s pretty diverse and can cure anyone’s thirst, I’m itching to get back on one of those bar stools and sink a bunch of cold ones!"