That’s it, you read it right… HEAVY METAL VINYASA YOGA arrives at The Black Heart
on selected Saturday afternoons from February !

Brought to you by SELMA RA YOGA, these afternoon sessions will take place on Saturday’s upstairs in the Black Heart venue from 3pm-4pm (please check calendar / links below for dates). In their own words :
”We'll be fueling our meditative physical movement with some heavy, expansive, smashing atmospheric black, folk, death, and doom metal. The Black Heart has an awesome venue space for gigs, we all know that- and they've agreed to hold metal vinyasa yoga classes too, for the first time!”

Black candles and yoga mats provided...
Please come wearing flexible, comfortable clothing.


For Information & Booking your spot, Check out Selma Ra Yoga
(web: https://selmarayoga.com/) (Insta: www.instagram.com/selmarayoga/)

Selma Metal Yoga Flyer .jpg