FRIDAY 5th JULY is a monstrous evening here at our Black Heart as we play host to 2 magnificent events on the very same eve!

In the ground floor bar we are delighted, nay, tickled fancy in fits of devilish delight as the most infamous rekord shoppe in all of the land CRYPT OF THE WIZARD rumble into our lair touting their latest venture, a mighty collaboration of nectar and elixir - “DRINK BEER, HAIL SATAN “- a Black Forest BIPA to satisfy even the thirstiest of demons. All with a backdrop of ghoulish tones as they spin the very greatest heavy metal and other sounds of terror and mystery on the decks deep into the dark night.

In their own words :

“In conspiracy with craftndraft.beer & Black Iris Brewery the Wizard hath conjurerated his own sweet elixir which shall hence forth be available ON TAP for libations at the Black Heart Camden... So please come join us as we celebrate our dark brew, and our dark lord simultaneously!

Wizard DJs shalt entertain, while Wizard beer shalt refresh thine palate.”


Whilst this is happening to tantalise your tongue downstairs, in the spirit of reflection, upstairs we simultaneously have a night to tantalise the ears and eyes as Chaos Theory bring us a evening of splendid awe in the form of dark doom strangitudes. WYATT E. from Belgium will hit the stage for their UK debut, alongside the mighty FIVE THE HIEROPHANT and MORAG TONG. Tickets are avail for the gig via the “EVENTS” tab at the top of this very page

More info can also be found here : https://www.facebook.com/events/249932059264062/


It’s set to be an evening of spoils and that’s for sure….
…so get on down and INDULGE !