Our drinking/gigging/sound magnifying buddies over at the legendary Orange Amps have made us a killer playlist of sweet jammers to treat your ears, all while we treat you with sweet brews. It ain't no secret Orange are the staple of that heavy sound we all live for, artist relations manager Dan Darby shares the following on their ALL killer NO filler playlist-

"When I was asked to pick some bands from Orange's roster for a BH playlist, it didn't take long to put something rad together! Luckily I could have added hundreds to the list, the difficulty was cutting it down. I tried to have some bands that have played, or were playing, Desertfest London such as Graveyard and Sleep, as well as bands that have graced the Black Heart such as The Bronx and Red Fang. Then I thought yeah, Deftones and Kvelertak because you know what? I just want them on my list! So hopefully there are some interesting bands that wouldn't sound out of place, blaring out of the Black Heart speakers at 2 o'clock in the morning. We'd like to think so anyway! "

Sounds pretty damn good to us... Click the link to check it out!