• Our Black Heart 2 - 3 Greenland Place London, NW1 0AP United Kingdom

It's the last Facemelter, and Chaos Theory gig, of the year! Join us for one final bash of sludge, eagle metal, doom, noise rock and heavy psych.


An Anglo-Hungarian-Swedish "eagle metal" trio delivering raw, unapologetically grizzly riffs. From guitarist/singer Ian Baigent’s burning vocals, to the unwavering, watertight rhythms that bump proverbial uglies between the bass of Robin Freeman and drums of Tamas Kiss, HAG drag alarming amounts of pleasure from the unceremonious fucking of eardrums.

Offering up a colossal dose of power and psychedelic hideousness, their debut album 'Fear Of Man' will be released digitally on 8th January through DNAWOT Records with a vinyl release to follow soon after.

Tonight you'll hear new material from the upcoming album.

The Day Of Locusts (From The Gutter To The Gods album launch)

It's been 3 years since these guys played at The Facemelter! Now armed with new album 'From The Gutter To The Gods', released digitally on 3rd October via When Planets Collide, The Day Of Locusts bring together all the doom elements of their past with faster, scuzzier riffs and unpredictable time-signatures, giving them a new sound that will keep old fans happy and grab the attention of new ones.

Casual Nun

A trippy psych-noise outfit who we've enjoyed at Cosmic Carnage a few times by now. Pure ethereal, spaced out filth. These guys will be releasing their album in 2016, so whether you know them or not, come and experience new sounds...

£6 adv./ £8 on the door

December 3