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Another year of The Facemelter comes to an end, and what a seriously awesome bunch of bands we've had! This is the last one of 2016 and we're racking up stoner, blues, psych, sludge and doom bands that we've wanted to work with for ages.

Elephant Tree

Great stoner blues layered with ethereal prog. After cutting their teeth on the London metal scene, these guys have established a place within the current growing stoner metal scene around the UK. When they moved to London and started taking in the huge amount of gigs here, founding members Sam Hart and Jack Townley were inspired to start making their own music, with heavy riff veterans Peter Holland (Trippy Wicked and the Cosmic Children of the Knight) and Riley MacIntyre completing the lineup soon after.

Already having sold out of all physical copies of their self-titled album, released only a few months ago, fans of blues, psych, stoner rock and prog should come and space out to their easygoing riffs with us.

"Spaced out, bizarre and unafraid to expand what doom can be." - Metal Injection


Heavy psych and chugging metal riffs from these fiends from Sheffield. In the two years since they formed, they've recorded a demo and a brilliant EP, played with ConanSkeletonwitchGOATWHOREHark and KEN mode, been interviewed and streamed on Terrorizer and performed at various festivals around the UK.

Incorporating unexpected sounds from all around the world of musc, Kurokuma have created a solidly original metal sound that appeals to fans of doom, drone, psychedelia and even has African and Latin twists in it.

"Uneasy psychedelic sludge with pulsing tribal rhythms, hoarse vocals, intricately layered and wildly performed solos and massive Fleshpress-esque riffs" - Terrorizer

"There are so many layers to this band it's unreal" - The Sludgelord


Metal and punk riffs for the sluggishly minded. Over the last two years, these Kent-dwellers have honed their lineup into a hard-hitting five piece, channeling heavyweight songcraft through a classic dual guitar assault.

Depsite coming from a variety of backgrounds, the band’s sound coalesces around riff-driven metal, with the likes of High On Fire, Nails, Black Breath, Iron Monkey and Electric Wizard forming their musical touchstones.

They've already shared the stage with Cold World, Venom Prison, The Hell, Sea Bastard, Conjurer, Title Fight and The Moth. We're looking forward to hearing their album 'Bless the Earth With Fire' played live.

"Effortlessly effective songwriting style and a clear and unshakable sense of conviction that practically bleeds from your speakers" - NO CLEAN SINGING

"Hard-hitting stuff with brutal riffs to match." - The Sludgelord

"BEARDS. METAL. FUCK YOU." - Allfather

Earlier Event: December 1
Later Event: December 3