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Hibernacula records, Outlaws Of The Sun & SOUTHERN DOOM CREWPresent:


Sea Bastard
Brighton based doom collective Sea Bastard are a Prowling monstrosity carving a chunk in the ears and minds of the UK Doom scene for some time. With incredible performances at Damnation, Temples and Mutations festival this band are stronger then ever.

Victorian Whore Dogs
Victorian Whore Dogs are a Sludge/Post Hardcore band from Guildford, combining the influences of bands such as Will Haven, Iron Monkey, Neurosis & Vision Of Disorder and to make a disgusting sludge fest of pounding riffs, slow tempos and abrasive vocals. Coupled with off the wall humour and complete madness.

Morass Of Molasses
Like a half submerged man slowing crawling onto dry land; Morass of Molasses combine Blues, Doom and grooves to make a beautiful yet abrasive sound that will have you dancing into your sess pit. 

Tides Of Sulfur
The sound of the human spirit being tortured. Slowly. South Wales sludge 3 piece Tides of Sulfur pound you into submission with gigantic tones, pounding drums and venemous vocals.

Greenhorn's sound combines Doom, Sludge and low omnisiant atmosphere to create the music equivilent to Utter misery. Groove laden, angst driven and coated in tone.

April 18