• Our Black Heart 2 - 3 Greenland Place London, NW1 United Kingdom

Cold in Berlin
'With the energy levels cranked to maximum, it's hard not to get sucked into their dark whirlpool of noise' Mojo
'A voice that could fell oaks at 100 meters... razor-sharp guitar wizardry.' Q
'A mesmerising set of doomy, goth-infused tracks” Metal Hammer
'Unique and spellbinding' Terrorizer

Metal Hammer described 'Gift Of The Sun', Limb's first release for NHS, as ‘Something like Down wearing Electric Wizard's resin encrusted jeans’. It's a pretty good description, but it only goes part of the way. Limb's murky emanations do indeed flow from the foggy well spring of British doom, sludge and heavy rock. For sure their sound also evokes the grooves of Goatsnake, Weedeater and Eyehategod. But they are a band that will look beyond the often strictly defined genre boundaries, to push the envelope and take a few risks whilst keeping the doom diehards' heads a-bangin'.

S.E.X A ferocious and full-blooded breed of band. Drenched in venomous energy, tight and un-complicated, this desert punk trio are ready for an unmerciful affair.