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Ventenner are riding high on their current tour in support of their new album “Invidia”.  This year saw them wowing audiences for Skinny Puppy, Revolting Cocks and KMFDM with their deliciously dark tunes, gritty vocals and crushingly heavy guitars and electronics. This is a chance to witness Ventenner take a sledgehammer to a more intimate setting ….or indeed a pneumatic drill!

Formed in London, Ventenner is an alternative rock hybrid, blending metal, atmospheric electronics, and doomy riffs. Despite starting life as an industrial rock orientated solo project, Ventenner have grown and evolved to occupy a genre all their own.

Their debut album, 'This Is The Reason', was released in 2012. A blend of industrial rock and electronica, it paved the way for Ventenner's entry into the London scene, gaining a following, and opening for industrial bands from around the world. 2014's 'Distorture' showed Ventenner exploring a much darker sound. A sprawling, immersive and much darker album, it was the foot in the door to the industry that Ventenner aimed for, landing larger shows, label interest and raising their profile in the scene.

Their latest album, 'Invidia', released in 2017 has shown to be their strongest offering yet. This new record presents a sound much heavier and more visceral in intent. Influenced by their time spent over the last two years on the live scene, 'Invidia' is the bands most critically acclaimed album yet. Hailed as Ventenner's reclaiming of industrial rock for the UK and a serious contender for breaking in to the mainstream scene.

As a band, Ventenner cover a broad spectrum, both in their sound and their work. A solid and varied discography, intense live shows and a collection of work including remixes, TV and film and collaborations.

Little Death Machine

Little Death Machine are named in reference to the French phrase “le petit mort” which describes an orgasm, so do brace yourself!  They are a 3-piece audio-visual art rock band that defy being pigeon holed. They have taken their immersive live show out with the likes of Psychic TV, Slaves, Queen Qwong, Nova Twins and God Damn. They bring their dark and menacing sounds to the stage on the back of their most recent single release "Midnight Blue"  

"striking gold with each live performance"  - bestnewbands

“I like what they bring to the table – and their live shows are very special indeed, it’s bloody hard, it’s bloody hard standing out from the crowd – and they really do stand out” – Fresh On The Net

“Midnight Blue is exceptional, in my biased opinion one of the best things Little Death Machine has done” – Gypsy Death


 Like an angel with dirty fingernails, DownFromAbove are a tantalising contradiction, one that juxtaposes bittersweet melodies with menacing guitar riffs, instinctive pop sensibility against growling bass lines and twisted synths, ethereal calm in opposition to hard driving beats and rhythms.

Comprised of vocalist Anastasia Resurrection and guitarist Rob Ackerman, and inspired by acts ranging from Blondie to Nine Inch Nails, DownFromAbove have honed their electronica driven hard rock via the highs and lows of the London club scene, and are now looking to bring their distinctive blend of heavy soundscapes and trippy dark angelic vocals to a wider audience.

Driven to propel rock music into the future, DownFromAbove look to both enrapture the senses whilst still delivering an intensely visceral, emotional punch, all the while creating music that is simultaneously as familiar as it is unknown.


Naked Players - emerging rapidly from the depths of the London underground circuitry, this bass and drums duo redefine the term “alternative rock” with their uniquely alternative, yet distinct retro contemporary blend of song.

The Naked Players bass and drums duo concept is the brainchild of London based recording artist and composer Imran Hanif. Just so you know -  as a composer Imran has written recognisable themes major brands, including the likes of BBC, Toyota, Nestle, Adidas, Sky and various feature films published by Universal.

A SOUND SCIENCE - What might sound like 2 guitars, bass and keys is not! Its tones generated by Imran’s own bespoke concept design bass guitar fx pedal board and amps, which is the signature sound of Naked Players.  Imran’s approach to playing and writing songs on the bass, defies draconian muso laws that have governed sheepish purists, who think that bass guitar should sit behind a wash of moving traffic = dum di dum doom di di doom dom doom and so on.

Define Naked Players - Imran says: “Our seamless minimalistic approach to song using three instruments (Voice/Bass/Drums) makes us feel very naked and exposed, but ultimately free.  Naked Players in its pure honesty focuses on hooks, riffs and rhythms.

The philosophy of the Naked Players is a simple one : Stay Naked - Stay Blessed!

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Later Event: October 26