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Ohio's Fistula have been pumping out a thick torrent of lumpy sludge since their debut full-length Hymns of Slumber in 2001. Built on a foundation of rage and groove, Fistula dwell mostly amongst the bleak but will often emerge from the shadows with a bouncy hook out of nowhere. Equally prevalent through their sound is a vein of hardcore - sludge's swifter cousin - giving the band an energy which radiates under the gloom of a genre built on slow. Through a gargantuan output that includes eight albums and double the splits, Fistula have ever been an explosion of dark matter, destroying everything it touches.

Grime might just be the heaviest thing to come out of Italy and that's not hyperbole. Sludge in the strictest sense, but not without weighty influence from black metal, Grime let loose an almost unfathomable wave of power; not only are they shaped by their blackened approach to vocals, but also the sheer weight behind the wall of thunderously chugging riffs punctuated by southern metal groove. 

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