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VIC RUGGIERO (The Slackers)

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Though you almost undoubtedly know him as the self-effacing frontman  of prolific New York scene heavyweights The Slackers, Vic Ruggiero has carved out an almost-equal name for himself as a solo artist. Releasing solo acoustic albums since 2001, Vic has pulled double duty performing his own material in between The Slacker’s already extensive touring schedule. This is, of course, in addition to Vic’s collaborations with Jesse Wagner of The Aggrolites (Reggae Workers of the World) and Tim Armstrong of Rancid (as Silencers), among many others. The material in Vic’s solo output contains a lot of the high-level songwriting that makes The Slackers so prolific, however sonically often strays into the territory of blues or alt-country. Even if that doesn’t sound like your thing, rest assured that Vic makes it work, as shown by material off his latest solo album, This, released back in 2014. Of course, we could have just as easily replaced this entire paragraph with “It’s Vic, from The Slackers” and you would be just as excited.

Earlier Event: March 17
Later Event: March 19