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More bands experimenting with stoner rock, doom and sludge sounds in Camden.


A serious onslaught of riffs, grooves and raw vocals. We had an amazing time with them at Vodun's album launch show two years ago, and so have a lot of others when seeing them share the stage with rock behemoths like Orange GoblinElderConanMonolordZAUMBlack Moth and Hark.

A party band who don't let up.

"The band is not afraid to expand and be playful with their brand of heaviness." - The Sludgelord

"Something almost gargantuan." - Maximum Volume Music


Tribal vibes from this immersive band from Sheffield, who return to The Facemelter with an array of festival slots and tours under their belts.

They've recently played at festivals with heavy-hitters including Orange GoblinAmenra40 Watt SunDragged Into SunlightVodunKADAVARSlomaticsSlabdraggerBoss KeloidSteakGrave LinesTelepathy and Wren.


Started in London in 2011, Strauss has been described as "progressive desert doom stoner groove noise sludge" (by Toilet ov Hell), but make of that what you will!

Since 2011 Strauss has released 2 EPs, played nationally and internationally (in Ukraine, Sweden and Latvia) and through this, the sound, the lineup and the vibe has progressed and changed to the point where they are today.

Strauss's new offering 'Falena' is the latest instalment of riff insanity, fuelled by the events of recent years and the desire to push themselves further than they have gone before.

Earlier Event: March 1
Later Event: March 3