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It's Hard To Have Hope release show:

Everybody's favourite Bristolian Stadium-Crust band is now back! Equipped with a stunning sophomore album 'It's Hard To Have Hope' released via the best heavy label in the world... what more could you want? Check out the new single 'Unpaid Intern':

From the clean streets of Denmark, Møl have crafted their own brand of Blackened Shoegaze. Taking the shimmering tropes of Slowdive and seamlessly blending them with a sharp strain of Black Metal - this instantly deems them one of the best in the genre.

Group Of Man
Cable knit jumpers, beards and heavy riffs your bag? These veterans of Hardcore have been around the block a fair few times in various awesome bands (Hang The Bastard, Hammers, Pariso). Melding influences (consciously or otherwise) from The Bronx and Torche to Fleetwood Mac and even Slade, Group Of Man are a inherently fresh take on well-worn paths. 

Earlier Event: May 23
Later Event: May 25