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Chaos Theory presents THE FACEMELTER ft

Archelon ('Tribe Of Suns' London album release show)

La Bestia De Gevaudan


A super special edition of Chaos Theory's long-running night, as we see a southern album release, a UK debut tour pass through from Chile and the latest signing on Rockosmos.


A stunning post-metal and sludge band from Sheffield, who we saw just beginning to explode into their true selves last year.

Now a 5-piece band and with a powerful debut album under their belts, Archelon have reached a point where they have crafted a nuanced and textured sound, taking cues from Neurosis, Cult of Luna and Isis, yet standing out on their own.

Their album 'Tribe Of Suns' is out on 4th May via Sludgelord Records.

"Slow, raw, agressive, groove driven and undeniably heavy." - The Sludgelord

La Bestia de Gevaudan (Chile)

This South American band pass through the UK for the first time on their way from Dunk!festival in Belgium. Blending genres that many of us may be familiar with, such as post-rock, sludge, electronica, post-metal and hardcore, they somehow have created a sound not totally like anything we've heard from European and North American bands in the same scenes.

Having already opened for Neurosis, Ruins Alone, Deafheaven and thisquietarmy, it's time for the UK to catch up and discover something unconventional within a scene that the we know well.

Their forthcoming album 'Kintsukuroi' will be finished in the second half of 2018 and features Mike Armine (Rosetta) and Eric Quach (thisquietarmy).

"One of the most interesting proposals in the Chilean underground music scene" - Rockaxis


The latest band to join the roster for esteemed prog rock label Rockosmos, which already has many releases out for Amplifier, Awooga and Thumpermonkey.

A sumptuous throwback to some of the best grunge bands, so fans of Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots and Alice In Chains are going to be overjoyed to hear them. Proof that some of our foundations can be pulled forward and made relevant again.



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