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Snuff 2018 Versuion 1.jpg

They said they wouldn't do it again ....... they lied !!

BTK proudly presents Snuff Fest 2018 and the biggest to date with ....


Defeated Sanity - No introductions necessary

Epicardiectomy - For all you slam fiends

Acranius - Ultra brutal death

Oral Fist Fuck - Swiss brutal death metal

Pighead - Brutal slamming death metal from Germany

Basement Torture Killings - 10 years and 1 day since their debut show the psychos once again hunt victims at The Black Heart

Pestifer - Old school blackened death metal from Porto, Portugal. Like fast up tempo DM in the vein of Morbid Angel and Angel Corpse? Then these are for you.

Mutilated Judge - Gory Gore Grind from the Basque Country, are you ready to be judged?

Strangle Wire - We once again welcome this awesome band from Ireland, old school death metal with brutal hooks and grove. One of the best bands from Belfast.

Black Skies Burn - You know who they are, raging grind from the suburban metropolis that is Didcot

Gout - Londons finest purveyors of party grind!

Cranial Discharge - Brutal Slam from Leeds, bring your hammers and slam hands

Subservience - Blistering death metal from the South Coast, check them out you won't be disappointed.


18 Plus 

Earlier Event: September 21
Later Event: September 23