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Born Again Concerts proudly presents

Moving Targets

The Charlemagnes
Dealing With Damage


Moving Targets
Moving Targets mastermind Ken Chambers (Vocals/Guitar) will tour Europe in Oct/Nov 2018 with drummer Emilien Catalano ( from Nils ) and bass player Yves Thibault ( from Out Of Order).
They are ready to give you what you were missing for so many years and it seems Boss Tunage (UK) will release a double-LP full with the hot stuff you‘ve always wanted on vinyl.

Founded in the early 80’s hardcore punk scene, the Moving Targets went their own way at the day their album „burning in water“ was released in 1986. Fans of such bands like Hüsker Dü, The Lemonheads, Mission of Burma, Bullet Lavolta or Buffalo Tom love the Moving Targets.

It’s the extraordinary songwriting and they way how Kenny Chambers is treating his guitar who makes this band to a kind of milestone. Open guitar chords, melodic riffs and his often touching vocals – all powered by powerful drums and punchy basslines – all set in a warm sound athmosphere, unique and timeless. Crunchy but melodic hardcore punk inbetween sixties-mod-rock and early power-pop punk hooklines. Definetly an own quality!

Dealing With Damage
London-based Dealing With Damage are Ed Wenn (guitar/vocals), Andy Myers (guitar/vocals), Paul Grier (bass), James Sherry (drums). The sub-genre brigade will tell you that they play post-hardcore, but really, DWD are a punk rock band and it shouldn’t need to be more complicated than that. Between them they have been in somewhere near to a million previous bands before and quite frankly, they’re old enough to know better, but they've tried and they just can’t stop, right? This stuff is in their blood. They need to be kicking up a racket, moving forward to the next gig, the next recording session, making friends and meeting kindred spirits in other bands, wiping sweat out of their eyes and grinning at each other from across the stage while the speakers shake the floorboards, screaming about what's on their mind and putting together the next song with care, passion and intelligence in the hope that it will connect with someone out there.
DWD have released 2 EPs on BossTuneage and have a new EP and an album ready for release on Little Rocket Records in 2019.

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