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ManDrone proudly presents this set of bad people whose undisputed rock attitude is carving its space in the London Rock Scene.

The order of the bill will be announced on the day so stick around for all the acts! ;-)
They are all worth to be headlining and choice won't be easy.

Come in, bring your cameras and recorders and pollute the web with snapshots of what will surely be a great night.

Doors open 7:30pm.

A go-back-to-the-root experience, a mixture of 90s Grunge, 2000s hard rock with Love You and Kill You vocals.
Alice is sleeping... don't wake her up. Not very pretty... little messed up. Her tiny heart is locked in a cage waiting for sounds... or only to fade. Join her in dreams away from despair in waking life truth is to bear. Join her in music and feast in the mist.

Gramma Vedetta
Grunge/stoner/whatever power trio from the South.
Bluesy fuzzed guitars, solid drumbeats and roaring bass-lines that will make you jump all night.
Presenting their freshly released "Proof of Concept" EP.

HAWXX are Anna, Hannah, Jess and Iman. They're into things like funny voices, feminism, booze, Led Zeppelin, Royal Blood and Skunk Anansie.

Playground Circus
Playground Circus is a (London based) punk-rock act, originating from the cultural fertile grounds of crisis-ridden Greece. With new lineup and a handful of great songs they are ready to conquer the world.

Earlier Event: June 11
Later Event: June 13