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The 16th June WORKSHOP session of HEAVY METAL VINYASA YOGA at The Black Heart

Brought to you by SELMA RA YOGA, this afternoon sessions will take place on Sunday 16th upstairs in the Black Heart venue from 3pm-4pm (please check calendar / links below for dates). In their own words :
”We'll be fueling our meditative physical movement with some heavy, expansive, smashing atmospheric black, folk, death, and doom metal. The Black Heart has an awesome venue space for gigs, we all know that- and they've agreed to hold metal vinyasa yoga classes too, for the first time!”

16th June is a workshop is a session where we explore certain poses in more depth - We take the time to understand the anatomy behind, the common mistakes and how to avoid them... We learn what we’re actually doing. This kind of session is useful for trickier / scary-looking poses.
I asked you on a poll a while back, whether you would prefer an inversions or backbend workshop.

Inversions won! The backbend workshop will follow soon after, but we will thus start the first of our “What the f*** am I doing” Workshop Series with Inversions! Inversions include handstands, headstands and the like.

Starting with a warm up flow, we will delve into drills that help prepare our body for inversions. We will go through the anatomical basics, how to avoid common mistakes... In other words, how to enter inversions (or poses that lead to inversions) safely!
And when there is safety, there is no need to fear ;)

We will learn how not to be scared sh*tless of inversions.
We will use this session for practicing various inversions, not necessarily the final poses, unless of course you’re already there (it takes a lot longer than an hour to master inversions) but the stages progressing to the finalised poses.

This class will be smaller, as every student will need a wall space- this will have a hands-on approach where every student is given attention is guaranteed.

You can then take this knowledge home, and know how to practice inversions safely if you choose to ;)

Black candles and yoga mats provided...
Please come wearing flexible, comfortable clothing.


Find the event page for the this session here :

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