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Automata - A London based band thought up in 2017 and brought to life by ex-Feral frontman, Marty McCusker. Delivering powerful vocals, driving riffs and melodic leads solidified by the bass playing skills of Jake Taylor Baxter and the solid rhythm of Kam Zubairi on drums. They worked tirelessly on creating the core sound that makes this band so unique with heavily distorted guitars, a laid-back rock’n’roll drum style and tight bass-lines. They were later joined by Laurence Leahy (ex-Feral guitarist) who brought a second vocal and a new edge with a solid guitar rhythm section and stand-out harmonies.

Them Bloody Kids - From the darkness that is the 21st Century, the mainstream music scene (riddled with anything-but-humble-mumble rappers, Simon Cowell's stale overproduced pop drivel in a tin and the ravers of old and new bouncing to any old washing machine that stays in time) came a trio of “hard rockin' amigos” looking to raise hell and play some metal! Bouncy tunes with fat riffs that make your head bounce like you're driving over potholes or sat on the very washing machine making the ravers dance.

Balth - A singer, songwriter heavily influenced by grunge. Bringing you crooning and melodic vocals with energetic and well composed chord progressions. Originally from Buenos Aires and with a life time of music under his belt he's an act not to be missed. -

Earlier Event: September 14
Later Event: September 16