English Heretic

Two years in the making, we are delighted to launch our 14th album, Wish You Were Heretic. England's fields are ploughed to reveal their sullied under soil. We plot the career of artist and huckster occultist Charles Pace, from his murals at Boleskine, via the murderous hills of Warwickshire to incredulous blasphemies on the dolce vita. An encroaching psammosere replaces the village green as we explore the undulating correspondences between M R James and Robert Graves. England's puritan dream dissolves to a leering priapic demon sphere. Pagan post punk, incantatory monologues and gnostic insinuations, Wish You Were Heretic is English Heretic's heaviest incarnation to date.



Mark Dicker with John Doran

Heavy electronic sound-play for the discerning gentlelistener from Atelier. Mark Dicker formerly of Trencher and Palehorse.


Mark will be renewing his powerful spoken word and electronic collaboration with author of Jolly Lad, John Doran.

Check out their work on the track Hypnotherapy .



Dean Brannagan (English Heretic), John Doran (The Quietus)