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Basement Torture Killings achieve 10 years of murderous snuff mayhem in 2017 as well as release their latest full length audio evidence file "There's Something About Beryl" to honour this momentous occasion the annual Snuff Fest is being replaced with this murderous event featuring:

General Surgery (SWE) - Do we really need to introduce these surgeons to you? Medical Malpractice and messy blood soaked gore grind is a certainty.

Basement Torture Killings (UK) - Beryl is once again brimming with anticipation at the slaughter that awaits. Teddys going to get it and so are you!!! Since its our 10th Birthday we may even have some old friends join us in this Snuff Ritual

Kadaverficker (GER) - We met these depraved Germans in a sweaty basement in Belgium and decided they needed to join us in live murder. Drunken gore awaits

FOETAL JUICE (UK) - UK Heavy Weights (well not literally they aren't mammoths) but you know what i mean. They have shared the stage with BTK on many an occasion and it would not be a party with out them.

PaRtY-CaNnOn (UK) - Party Slams from Scotland, they also have the best logo in all of death metal.

Necrosis (UK) - Brutal Death from Bristol, currently working on there new album Necrosis are going to fuck you up.

Fractured Insanity (BE) - The very first BTK murder tour included these Tech Freaks and we can't wait for them to once again lay waste to London. 

Brutal Sphincter (BE) - Shit smeared, scat obsessed Gore Grind from Belgium

Colpocleisis (UK) - Brutal Slamming Death Insanity from Liverpool. 

Catastrophic blunt force intracranial haemorrhage leaking from ruptured eardrums (CxBxFxIxHxLxFxRxE) UK Brutal Gorenoise

So the question is what are you waiting for????? Order your tickets now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Earlier Event: March 30
Later Event: April 3